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Ancient Siberia Activation (Final 2022)



The game was developed by the team from the USA. The team is consisting of 3 programmers and 2 designers. The team consisted of developers from different countries:
– United States: Jeff Hedding, Alex
– Ukraine: Sergey Volosok
– Russia: Valentin Gavrilov, Nazaryana
– Germany: Ralph Therolf
The team decided to publish the game on the official site Unity3D.

You should be familiar with the Unity3D game engine: for the purpose of creating the game, we used Unity3D. For the game on the site, we used Unity3D on the basis of the project editor. The game is distributed on the site as a Unity project with the help of the project editor. You just drag-and-drop the assets of the game and then it builds automatically. To add some sounds, we took advantage of the Wwise engine.

The technology of the game was developed on the basis of the unreal engine 4.

On the basis of the game engine, we first created the 2D artwork with the help of three-dimensional objects. This project was created with the help of Blender 3D, created by Blender Foundation.

In the game, the graphics are real-time. The scale of one pixel in the game can reach up to 10000 meters.

Happy game!!!


We’ve got a short gameplay video for you. It shows the basic concept:

Please note that we’re still prototyping at this stage and still a bit rough around the edges. We’ll keep you guys posted on the progress.


You could use this site to help you out with your game:
And this site:
That’s all I can offer at the moment.

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Features Key:

  • Free to play

  • Open world simulator

  • Single-player and PvP multiplayer


Ancient Siberia Full Version Free Download [2022-Latest]

The most interesting part of the game is the system of birth, growth and decay. Your character will be growing as you play. Each part of the character’s body will have a positive or a negative influence on the character’s general condition. Such as:
For example, if you play melee combat, you will be able to get a better sword.
The system of growing is implemented, but it will be in the nearest future implemented completely.
A feature which we’ve not yet implemented, is the presence of special powers. Each NPC will have his own unique power. Whenever the player comes near to the NPC, the NPC will activate its power.

Furthermore, we plan to add:
– It’s possible to influence NPC’s actions.
– Choosing a path which can change your general direction of travel.
– Crafting special weapons and armor

Features planned soon:
– Character growth system. When you become a child, you will get some skills and progress in your life, which will affect your growth.
– The NPC will be more interesting and challenging to defeat and they will have their own special powers and a chance of repeated activation.
– The system of growing implemented.
– Hidden quests system.
– It’s possible to influence NPC’s actions.
– More stories about the history of Ancient Siberia.
– Variety of weapons, magic and armors.
– Ability to teleport.
– The power of the God of the Underworld.
– Battle for resources and buildings.
– PvP system.
– Player’s PvP system.
– Guild system.
– Hunting system.
– Animals system.
– Fishing system.
– System of changing day and night.
– The history of the world of Ancient Siberia.

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Ancient Siberia Download For Windows


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What’s new in Ancient Siberia:

    Wednesday, November 8, 2011

    All ancient coastlines had more than one entrance. This image shows a beach within the Dead Straight Fjord near the mouth of the river Syr Darya. Most of the famous ancient traders in the steppes of Siberia came up the Penza River via the Caspian Sea and up the Volga and Dnieper Rivers into the Baltic.

    The site’s antiquities seem to confirm that the site was once a large trading center. The city obviously died out as a major trading center, but the remains indicate that the city sprang back up more than a thousand years later under similar economic circumstances. trade with Byzantium and the White Sea traders.

    Looking at the above image one can see two rows of cells like the one on the left. The inset image on the left shows the bookshelf across from the cell and across from it, an unusual clay jar. You can see that it has one of those little pouches hanging from the shoulder of the jar and the ropes of a qanat. The opening into the qanat resembles the rims of bottles you see at the top of most of the jars in the world.

    This image shows the remains of baths. Imagine living in a town with a hundred thousand people, thirty or forty years between children. What kind of sanitation would be necessary to care for these people?

    In the summer of 2010, the old Soviet-era library was located here, complete with its wonderful collections of old maps, pictures, and russian literature. All the items were stored in the disused city.

    As America expects, The Museum Of The American Past got overcrowded and cordoned off.

    Now the effort has turned to the other side of the planet….the long dead fjords of southern Siberia, the pioneering image shows how the first English missionaries reached Siberia in the 17th Century, the sun-baked area now full of decaying houses.

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011

    This is the world’s largest museum devoted to hobbyist engineers, mechanics, and inventors. It was created to preserve the history of hobbies from the past to the present. This blue robots-of-history-in-motion could be amazing, but the museum is noted for its complete lack of anything to see.

    In a completely different context than the tools and machines are displayed.

    The Russian word “rybashy” means surveyors,


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