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Free History Cleaner Crack Download


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Free History Cleaner Crack Activation Free [Win/Mac] (Updated 2022)

Clean free space in un-needed or unwanted files or folders (folders don’t count).

You don’t have to clean history lists of programs that you don’t use (e.g. Internet Explorer, Media Player, WinZip, MS Office) or use through a web browser.

You can clean internet cache in Internet Explorer, recent documents list in the Windows XP, file menu of WinZip, media player list in Media Player.

More than 900 million Internet users worldwide.

This application can schedule a job of cleaning itself once in a while. You can view task list and choose the time to run the scheduled task.

Allowing the program to clean up regularly can help avoid multiple cleaning cycles on hard drives.

Every cleaning cycle is scheduled independently from other cleaning cycles, so you can run a cleaning job while the computer is doing other stuff.

Cleaning down internet history on a Windows XP computer is a tedious work, it’s not recommended to clean history of Windows XP directly from Windows XP desktop.

It doesn’t support Windows 7 and 8.


Basic computer skills needed.

In addition to this application

Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or 7

Minimum 1 GB available hard drive space

Free History Cleaner Screenshots

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP

Windows Vista

Windows 7

Mac OS X 10.3.9 or newer

Free History Cleaner Latest Version

Free History Cleaner Latest Version 1.30.0 Update: January 12, 2012

New Features

Added support for Chrome 15.0.1053.1 with full support for all aspects of the browsing environment.

Added support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Added support for new Internet Explorer versions (IE9, IE10, IE11).

Added support for renaming the program.

Added support for scheduled cleaning.

Added support for help files.

Added support for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

Added support for AVG Security.

Added support for removal of the Launch bar in Windows 7.

Added option to add/remove context menu items.

Added ability to search for a file or folder in the program.

Improved General settings.

New design.

Added the ability to clean temporary folders (C: \Users \MyName \AppData \Local \Temp

Free History Cleaner Crack + For Windows

Free History Cleaner is an application that can help you free up space on your hard drive by getting rid of unnecessary data.
If you’re using Windows 7, then make sure to run Free History Cleaner with administrative privileges. Otherwise it will not initialize.
The interface of the application is extremely plain and based on a standard window.
In “Privacy Settings” you can clean Internet Explorer (e.g. history, disable autocomplete, cookies, Index.dat, Outlook deleted items) and common folders (e.g. recent documents list, Recycle Bin, temporary folder).
But you can also look into the application MRU (e.g. WinZip file menu, Media Player recent file menu, MS Office history list), Opera and Netscape (cache, cookies, typed URLs).
All you have to do is press a button and let Free History Cleaner take care of the rest. Some functions require a computer reboot but it’s optional in most cases.
In addition, you can enable Free History Cleaner to automatically run at system startup, check for updates, schedule a task, set the Internet Explorer homepage, and more.
The application runs on very low system resources and takes a reasonable amount of time to finish a cleaning job. No errors have popped up during our tests and Free History Cleaner did not freeze or crash.
Putting aside the outdated interface and the fact that Free History Cleaner does not supports additional web browsers (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Maxthon), we strongly recommend this software to all users, especially novices.
Free History Cleaner Download Link:

Free History Cleaner Exe

How to use Free History Cleaner

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Free History Cleaner [Win/Mac]

Some of you may have heard about the great Free Download Manager (FDM), and you may have found it easy to download the program from its official site. That’s not really the point.
However, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all Mac customers, because we’ve just released an alternative to this popular program. It’s called Free Download Manager for Mac, and it’s a very similar piece of software to what most of us know as FDM. It’s licensed under a free binary version, which means that you can use the program without any limitations. That’s because in-app purchases are disabled in the Mac app, so you won’t be forced to purchase extra items while using it. The great thing is that there are even more functions which will help you download files faster than ever.
There are also a few subtle differences between FDM and its counterpart. For example, you can quickly switch between the app’s various download modes (Direct Download, Auto Download, Manually download, Download to a web browser…) even if you’re currently downloading a single file. It’s even possible to download content which was originally hosted on a website with no problem.
Another important aspect is the MAC Free download manager. What does that mean? Well, it means that the Mac version is totally compatible with Windows. This means that you can use your favorite PC program to download files from the Mac app. All the aforementioned features work exactly as they do on a PC, so you will never have a problem while using it. The interface, once again, doesn’t look exactly like the original FDM. It’s not ugly, but it is quite simple. After all, this is a free app.
While a PC user will benefit from a feature-rich Free Download Manager, a Mac user gets more. You can download multiple files simultaneously, as well as pause, resume, and delete them. Also, you can keep them in your Downloads folder or drop them in different locations, including the Desktop.
You can choose to download one or many files at once. Once you’ve selected files, you can just start downloading, even though the program is in the background. You can add and remove extensions from the downloaded files, or save them to different file extensions. The only thing which you can’t do is actually view the content of the downloaded files. If you want to open a file, you’ll have to simply launch it via OS X’s Finder or your web browser.
If you want, you can manage

What’s New in the Free History Cleaner?

Free History Cleaner is a free and simple software application designed to efficiently clean your hard drive of obsolete files, temporary files, and other unnecessary files.
To do this, Free History Cleaner first deletes all unnecessary Internet Explorer autocomplete items and cookies, empties the Internet Explorer history, clears the Temporary Internet files (TEMP) folder, cleans the Recycle Bin with random files, erases files from the recent documents list, and removes the most recent files from the list of recently opened files.
Besides clearing the Internet Explorer history, the application also wipes the history, trashes the files that have been recently opened, erases the cached files, erases files from the Windows temporary folder, erases cookies from all major web browsers, empties the Recycle Bin, and clears the Recent Documents list.
Free History Cleaner Screenshots:

Free History Cleaner – Notes:

The trial version of Free History Cleaner fully functional.

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Free History Cleaner – Manual

Use Free History Cleaner – Manual

All data entered is strictly private and will not be shared with anyone.
It’s enough for you to download Free History Cleaner – Manual to install and use it.
You may distribute the manual to your friends.

For more information about the sharing options and restrictions, click here some previous work.

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System Requirements For Free History Cleaner:

Windows XP SP2 +
Any modern version of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook)
Screen resolution 1280 x 1024 or better
In addition, you can save the game on the DVD and play it with any DVD player.
Windows 7 +

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